Depression And Axiety

Myths to know about anti-depression drugs

There’s a common misconception among people regarding prescription medicines and the side effects of consuming them. Enlisted below are some of the myths that need to be debunked before you order antidepressants online:

  • They don’t work. Studies show that almost 50-60% of patients who are under medication can manage their symptoms better than someone not opting for any treatment.
  • They have adverse side effects. Any form of medication is associated with side effects, but only when taken in an unsupervised manner. As long as you follow dosage instructions, you can buy anti-anxiety drugs and be fine using them.
  • Horrible withdrawal symptoms. Abrupt withdrawal may have a domino effect if you have been taking the drugs for over 6 weeks. However, this is more common with medications that leave your system faster.
  • They are expensive. Brand drugs may cost a little more than generic ones, but we offer them at significantly lower prices.

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